Today, I am reviewing this newly arrived cleansing supplement, Colon Cleanse Total. What pushed me towards reviewing it was the fact that unlike others, it promises superior results without any diets and exercises. So, let’s see whether it’s worth it or not.

Detoxification through Cleansing the Colon!


Detoxification is actually a natural process but when there is an imbalance of nutrition and non-nutritional foods being eaten, the digestive system often ruptures. This supplement aims to deal with the consequences of a dysfunctional digestive system. It promises to facilitate natural cleansing functionally and help rid body of all waste stuck in colon. The impressive part is that it claims to do all this without the aid of a restrictive diet.

Colon Cleanse Total Ingredients

The exact list of ingredients with their quantity hasn’t been made available by the brand however, on contacting; they replied that the ingredients were:

  • Herbal Laxatives (mild)
  • Natural anti-parasitical ingredients
  • Probiotics

How Does Colon Cleanse Total Detoxify?

  • Herbal Laxatives help provide relief in problems like constipation and facilitate ousting of accumulated excreta
  • These Laxatives also remove toxin and other sort of waste lying in the colon
  • Parasites are killed by being deprived of a favorable growth environment which is created by natural anti parasitical ingredients
  • Probiotics help speed up the digestion process and facilitate proper digestive functioning

Does it Really Do as it Promises?

To answer this question, I undertook a test. I ordered a 30 days supply. On using it as recommended, results I observed were:

  • Lower belly reduced by 2” (I was carrying 2” of nothing but waste!)
  • Didn’t feel as bloated as I used to
  • Stomach felt much lighter, even after eating
  • Constipation vanished

Frankly speaking, the results were great, contrary to my expectations. Guess, this supplement really did surprise me.


Beginning two days felt troubling for the tummy for rest of it was pretty smooth plus no side effects so yes.


  • Restores natural efficient digestive functioning
  • Initiates weight loss, helps decline gas, bloating
  • Detoxifies body
  • Tested and proven ingredients (the brand says so!)
  • Natural ingredients cause nil side effects
  • Easily available online (and yes, they home deliver, obviously)


There is no list of ingredients available although, on using, I didn’t face any side effects

Where to Buy?

Colon Cleanse Total can be purchased online at the official website. They also offer money back guarantee on the products for a limited period of time.

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